In 1999 Dewey Does play his way into thousands of kids' hearts. Dewey Does is now a popular book series with a new animation show. buy deweydoes printed t-shirt, animation posters, and books.

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This poster was inspired by the likeness of the creator’s son when he was just nine-years-old. “He was standing in front of our home holding as much of his sports equipment as possible looking for a friend to play with.” This image and message jumped into my head inspiring me to create the life of Dewey Does. I hope this poster inspires a child in your life the way it inspired me. Great for a classroom, office, or a child’s bedroom.

Check out Dewey Does Latest Poster For Your Rooms

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Heroes Start as Kids|

Kids can be heroes if they get inspiration from the beginning, Dewey shares the book series by thinking about the upcoming heroes of the nation. When thinking about a hero, it is essential to consider themselves as a fire-fighter or a police officer as they are the real heroes of the nation. The kids must set their goal from childhood keeping that in mind Dewey has set a wide range of books for the kids.